The node is currently out of the water.

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Water Temperature 5.83 C
Salinity 29.29  
Conductivity 2.91 S/m
Nitrate 7.7 µM
Turbidity 0.86 NTU
Dissolved O2 6.05 ml/l
O2 Saturation 7.21 ml/l
Dissolved Organics 11.29 QSDE
Chlorophyll 0.52 µg/l
Battery Voltage 9.06 Volts

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Air Temperature -2.6 C
Wind Speed 0.0 knots
Wind Direction 0 ° True
Wind Speed (Peak Gust) 0.0 knots
Pressure 1034.5 mbar
Pressure Tendency -0.1 mbar/h
Rain 0.00 mm
Rain over 24 hours 0 mm
Solar Radiation 24 W/m²
UV Index 0.7  
Humidity 80 %
Wind Chill -5.9 C
Heat Index -2.8 C

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LOBO-0010 Northwest Arm, Halifax, Canada


The Northwest Arm defines the southwest edge of peninsular Halifax, and is heavily used for recreational purposes. It is has a mean peak tidal velocity of 0.3 m/s that daily flushes anthropogenic effluents and turbid discharges into the greater harbor. LOBO is an ideal system for monitoring the water quality of this key estuarine resource.

This LOBO node is situated midway from the head to the mouth of the arm in order to measure trending relationships between cyclical vertical current flux and the nitrification of benthic and suspended microrganisms. The resulting data show how fluctuations in salinity and dissolved oxygen interact with biological processes over seasonal variations in temperature and available light.


Manufacturer Instrument Measurements
Satlantic LOBO Data management
Power distribution
Sensor control
Wireless communication
Satlantic SUNA Nitrate Concentration
WET Labs ECO-CDS Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM)
WET Labs WQM Water Quality Monitor Salinity, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Chlorophyll Concentration
Nortek Aquadopp Profiler Water current velocity

Check out this white paper (PDF) on the Northwest Arm LOBO deployment that was presented at MTS/IEEE Oceans 2007 in Vancouver.

44°37'44.7" N, 63°35'29.4" W

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